Thoughts on this 2017

I would like to write some lines on the end of this year, first of all because this was an amazing year, secondly because my colleague inspired me with her post named after the so-called #2017bestnine.

#2017bestnine is an hashtag from the Instagram community used when someone posts an image built with an online tool that selects the 9 most liked photos of a profile and creates a collage that should sum up a year of photos.

In the header image you should see my very own Best nine collage, but I think that it doesn’t sum up my year very well, because the most liked photos are not necessarily my (personal) favorites.

Let’s start in chronological order!

A special new year’s day


This image could represent me as a drunkard, but the meaning of this photo is the happiness of the party!! A very special new year’s day spent with a couple of new friends, we do not spend much time together but when we do we have really good time, guaranteed! The year started in the best way possible.

The place of my nest


I like sunsets. My Instagram profile is full of sunsets, they remind me both good and bad feelings! This specific picture was taken in my hometown. After a bad day at work Alice suggested me to go for a walk and this beautiful sunset surprised both of us! I love walking and talking with Alice, as for me it’s the best therapy for bad days (not just because she’s a Nurse).

A look into the future


This is a church in my hometown, it may seem a common place or even ugly, for someone! But at that time (and even now) it represented a daydream for us :heart: more on that later! How often happened to us to come in front of it? But that very day the sun was shining perfectly on it, with a light so warm to heat up our hearts.

A new body


As you already know this year I started exercising and this picture is the confirmation of the diligence and persistence that I put in this adventure! Many of you will think that all this work is to chase some kind of beauty canon, but for me it has another meaning: good health, wellness and (why not?) a bit of self esteem :muscle:



Sometimes we don’t really appreciate a place until we leave it.. This is Milano, the city where I started my professional career! University life is excellent for learning how to learn, but when you start working a whole new world appears on the horizon. Then the road brought me elsewhere, to the city where I took home, but every time I go back to Milano the nostalgia hits me hard and make me dreaming like my younger self.

Ponta mais ocidental do continente Europeu


I love traveling, but never alone! Every time I travel with Alice I know we complete each other: I look for the adventure but I struggle to take the first step so she pushes me to do it! In this picture we where in Portugal, we rented a car (we had the strange luck of getting a BMW without additional costs!) and we drove up to Cabo da Roca Lighthouse, as per Wikipedia:

Cabo da Roca (Cape Roca) is a cape which forms the westernmost extent of mainland Portugal, continental Europe and the Eurasian land mass.

The view was stunning and we enjoyed it to the max!

Bon Appétit


There can not be a healthy life without a healthy diet! So I want to take advantage of this mantra to express my culinary skills and never stop learning new recipes from from all over Italy which offers an infinite variety of tastes and flavors! Sometimes I fail, but often the kitchen is a source of satisfaction both for me and for Alice: the top customer of my little restaurant.

Best day of my life


Sometimes words can not express feelings, but when dreams come true only one word will make it: love. So, I married my soulmate, my best friend, my lover, my other half.

I took this picture in the car with her, immediately after the ceremony, our folded hands are the symbol of our love: the perfect image of our being together, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for now, forever and ever.

Misty mountains


We have reached the end of this year, still traveling as always together. When I look at this picture I cannot help not smiling, feeling my breath in a moment of total peacefulness.

I have to say one thing I learned from the darkest moments of my life: good times are fleeting. Nothing lasts forever. And this applies to both good and bad things. It is important to keep this in mind so that you can work to keep the good things and remove bad things as much as possible.

So, I have reached the end of the collage (and of the year), with these nine photos just a small portion of what happened has been told!

How was your #2017bestnine?

Celebration time has come, and a new year of new opportunities is coming. It’s absolutely necessary not to lose the chance to improve myself for me and for those around me: this is my commitment!

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone happy holidays and a new year full of happiness, good health and prosperity!