Hello World

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First Blog Post

public class HelloWorldEndpoint {
  public Response doGet() {
    return Response.ok("Hello from Filippo!").build();

Something about me

Hello there! I am pleased that you’d like to know a little about me as you continue reading my self introduction hehe.. :smile:

My name is Filippo, I was born in 1987 in northeast Italy. I graduated high school to pursue my study in university. I took up a Master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering.

Computer and internet are my time theft, I’m usually busy studying programming.. Yes, seriously, that’s true! I think I’ll never stop doing that because software/programming world is constantly changing.

I also like to stay healthy with good eating habits, play sport (I’m a skilled road cyclist) and stay in contact with nature.

We only get one planet. Leonardo DiCaprio

Read more about me here.

What I Love To Share

Mainly programming, sometimes good habits advices. More often I’ll refer my programming articles on Not So JUG.

I’ll also try to keep updated my CV page as I improve my skills and I do more working experience.

Getting In Touch

I’d love to hear from you! If you have anything to say, don’t think twice leaving a comment below or better file an issue. I would appreciate constructive criticism regarding my work because that will help me do better. Or if you just want to say hi or say anything rather than leaving a comment, you may contact me through my many social links in the sidebar :wink: I’m very active on Twitter.