Java EE is Officially Retired.

This announcement was made by The Eclipse Foundation’s executive director, Mike Milinkovich on his Life at Eclipse blog.

Translation from the old names to the new names:

Old Name New Name
Java EE Jakarta EE
Glassfish Eclipse Glassfish
Java Community Process (JCP) 1 Eclipse Working Group (
Oracle development management Eclipse Enterprise for Java (EE4J)
Project Management Committee (PMC)

How do we get there?

  • on 29 September 2017, Eclipse Foundation announced a new top-level project called Eclipse Enterprise for Java (EE4J)
  • on 15 November 2017, The Eclipse Foundation reached out to the community and the world to “Help Pick the New Name for Java EE” (Oracle owns the name Java)
  • on 07 February 2018, the voting was announced for the brand name selection and it began under the Working group, which is similar to Java Community Process (JCP) with Oracle
  • on 23 February 2018, the voting was closed

Where are we going?

David Blevins, CEO and Founder of Tomitribe said:

While “Jakarta EE” is not only great because it can be shortened to”JEE”, referred to simply as “EE” and provides us with a free pass onany acronyms that have “J” in them, it also has room to grow. The bare word “Jakarta” would be ours and in the future we couldcreate other things under this brand if we wanted. This may include”Jakarta ME”, “Jakarta MicroProfile” or a conference called”JakartaOne.”

All of these names roll off the tongue, are instantly familiar and most importantly are community owned and free of anyexternal licensing restrictions.

Mike Milinkovich:

However, as of today, it is preferred that when you are generically referring to this open source software platform that you call it Jakarta EE rather than EE4J. EE4J, the Eclipse Top-level project, is the only name we’ve had for a couple of months, but as we at least tried to make clear, that was never intended to be the brand name.

Java EE is dead, long live Jakarta EE!

  1. Java Community Process will continue to exist and to support the Java SE and ME.